Put the glass down!

Imagine that you are holding a glass of water.  If you hold it for 3 minutes, there is no problem.

If you hold it for 3 hours, your arms will ache.  

If you hold it for a day, your arms will get numb and paralyzed.

The interesting part is that the weight of the glass remains unchanged either you hold for an hour or a week. The longer we hold it the heavier it becomes.

A glass of water is not something we hold for long. But we do that with emotions such as anger, resentment, hurt, worries, etc. After a while, we become paralyzed by those feelings that don’t serve who we want to be and or are becoming.

Do yourself a favor. Get a glass of water, in your mind, see yourself filling it with all the emotions and problems you have been carrying around, and pour it down the drain.  Then, put the glass down.

When you do this simple process before bed, not only it will help you to sleep well, but you will wake up feeling ready to move forward.

We don’t need to carry heavy emotions around.  Just put the glass down.

PS.: Don’t over analyze or be quick to dismiss it. Your mind doesn’t know what it’s real or imagined. After all you may have been carrying the past around for too long and your mind thinks it just happened today. 

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