Becoming Our Own Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

(Even if you are not “the mother,” in its most commonsense use of the word.

I have some news for you that may get you really mad or puzzled. Here it is: You many not have children, pets, or a project, but if you are approaching your 30’s, you are becoming your own mother. You definitely had some practice in your teens and lately you are being call to be the mother you need to have in your life, even if you have a fantastic mother. If you are older, please ensure that you are getting the love and care you need and deserve.

The first power of Women is the power of Nurturing. That’s where we unveil our mothering abilities, even if we don’t have children. This power is about being nurturing, loving, caring to ourselves first and then others; and transmitting warm feelings of security, creating a sense of stability with the help of the wisdom of our ancestors.  We learn to be mothers from our mothers without proper instructions.  The directions from many generations before are inscribed in our DNA.

This could be good or bad news. If you didn’t have nurturing instructions from your mothers and their mothers, you will need to learn it now. Here is some help.

Listen to an excerpt from the first chapter of my book The Nine Powers of Women. You can watch the video or download the audio sample. Give yourself a real mother’s day present.

The Nine Powers of Women: Excerpt from Chapter one – The Power of Nurturing.

You can click on the three dots below and add it to your Soul’s Library.

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your journey

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  1. Everyday is mother’s day! Happy mother’s day😍⚘️

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