Feng Shui Cure for Slanted Roof

A woman knocked on Amanda’s door within a few days of the “For Sale” sign showing up on the front lawn.  It was the lady who sold her the house.  She wanted to see what Amanda had done to the place before the house changed hands.

Amanda welcomed the previous owner and showed her the house.  Then, while enjoying a conversation and a cup of coffee, Amanda shared that she was getting a divorce.

“My son says the house has bad juju,” said the previous owner.  “Why,” asked Amanda.

“Because the woman who sold me the house had gotten a divorce, I got a divorce, and you are getting a divorce.  He actually said you were selling the home because of a divorce.  Amanda didn’t know the house’s history when she bought it. 

The previous owner didn’t know that Amanda already had a Feng Shui consultation and learned that because the left side of the roof was lower than the right side, whoever lived in the house would be impacted in the relationship, creativity, and helpful people areas.

Amanda had made adjustments to offset the negative energy in the relationship area, but it was after her separation.  That conversation also confirmed for Amanda the Feng Shui Law of the Predecessor.  It says that previous energy gets stuck in the space and repeated if not cleared or corrected.  Amanda didn’t clear the house before moving in.

Feng Shui CURE: If you have a slanted roof where the left side is lower than the right side, or vice versa, as you face the house, you need to add lights reflecting on the ceiling on the lower side.  If the lower roof is on the right, that is your Relationship area, and you can also add two large tall plants with round leaves to the corners.  If the lower side is to the left, that’s the Finance area.  Add the lights spotting the ceiling and one tall, healthy plant with round leaves.  DO NOT USE spike or pointed leaves.  

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