For the Women Who Are Addicted to Rescuing

The door that opens in despair closes in misery.

His pain is not your problem
His struggles are not your place
His craziness is not your fault
His ways have forgotten that love is only real when given freely, unconditionally, and for the benefit of others first, then his

His path carries lessons that no one can read or chew, but him

Let him find his medicine
You are not his medication. No one is.
You are only responsible for yourself
You can’t rescue him from the abyss

No, you can’t go to the abyss
And comeback complete, filtered, and grounded
You need to wait until he stops fighting
Or he will drown you both

Walk away with compassion
He does not know what he is doing to you
He can’t see, hear or feel his own feelings and he is not ready to harvest yours
It’s not the pain that is hurting
It’s his own indifference to his truth

He uses words when he needs silence
He uses noises when he needs space
He uses manipulation when he needs to self restrain
He uses aggression when he needs to cry

His childhood pains and everything else until recently He stuffed it inside the pillowcase. No wonder he can’t sleep
But you don’t have to be awake too

Again, it’s not the pain that is hurting
It’s his own insensitiveness to his truth 

And like all well-intended rescue party
Who will put herself in harm’s ways
To rescue someone who doesn’t believe he needs to be saved,
So I ask you to go home

Your work is not physical.
You can pray, meditate or send him light
But it will not help him
He is not able to receive it

The prayer, guidance, and light are for you
To have the courage to stay away from the bottom
And only help from a place of strength.
When you stay in your power,
you teach him how to value a woman of integrity and courage.

Remember, it may take a few lifetimes for him to get the lesson
But don’t worry; love is infinite.

And if you need support while washing him out of your hair, reach out Your sisters have shampoo and all kinds of conditioners

We are here for you ❤️

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