Vacations Can Be Overwhelming Until Now

Busy people have an agenda with multiple priorities that can sometimes conflict. One of those times is when taking vacations

Taking vacation is a priority! It gives us time to restore our body, mind and spirit. It makes space for creativity and connection to surface in our lives. Most of all, it allows us to disconnect from work.

The days before leaving on vacation, our to-do list becomes longer and the stress to disse stress increases. We try to do everything before leaving, triple check that we didn’t forget anything, and carry the work mode for a few days so our first days returning from vacation are not as busy as we foresee. We work within the first few days and the last day of vacation. Basically, our vacation time is shorten by our own actions.

“We vacation not to escape life, but for life not to escape

Ana Barreto

Here is a 20-minute practice for you to do 2-3 days before leaving on vacation and the first two-three days of your actual vacation. It’s best done in the morning. You will receive the full benefits from the time off while improving your health, mind, and presence during your vacation.

Mindfulness (Breath Awareness) Meditation
Mindfulness (Breath Awareness) Meditation

It’s easy to follow and you are still left with 23 hours and 40 minutes to fully vacationing

PS: It’s free to sign up for the app and listen to this and other meditations by great teachers.

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