5 Mindful-Minute Exercises that Boost Your Emotional Intelligence and Personal Power

Emotional Intelligence is a trait we find undeveloped in many women. There are many ways to develop the skill.  The more you practice, the better you will become.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom

This is a text I received from daughter Erica: Today, I have to deep clean the house, do a week’s worth of dishes, scrub our bathtub, go shopping for toiletries, complete 40 hours of Grant work by tomorrow, stop the kitten from ripping up the couches and eating my computer chord, and somehow find time … Continue reading Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Seven Morning Rituals to Harmonize Your Life for the Next 24 Hours

... you have as much time as you think you do.  Your commitment to yourself needs to be non-negotiable.

Why People Create Pain

Today, I invite you to consider and experience a new approach to pain.  What if what you call “the pain” happening in your life was not created by force outside you, but by you to force you to grow?

4 Simple Ways to Know If You Really Believe in Yourself

People who believe in themselves tend to act on the small impulses that they receive from time to time. It is like there is an invisible force (and there is one) pushing them to take action on ideas they had just a week ago.

Self-Care Sunday – Five Ways to Nurture Your Body

Any movement will give you more energy than staying put.