How Do You Feed Your Courage?

How courageous are you? Most people will answer that they have an average level of courage. But how do you really know?

My take on courage is that you only dance with it when you need to step outside your comfort zone.

However, we need our courage every day even though we don’t venture out of our safety zone often. Some people need a good dose of courage just to get out of bed in the morning. Most people will only tap into their courage when they need to ask for a raise, say no to a loved one, leave a relationship, look for a new job or exit the security of a parent’s house.  We need our courage to grow.

Courage is a muscle. We grow courage by exercising with small acts of self-love. If you haven’t used it lately, it may be a bit rusty. So here are a few ways to feed your courage:

1. Don’t waste your time arguing your point with your limitations.

Your ego will talk you out of it. The more you talk to it, the less convinced you become. Instead, remember your strengths; this is an act of self-love.

2. Make the decision early in the morning and act quickly.

Courage is always aligned with high vibrations. Our energy is pure when we first wake up in the morning and then it begins to diminish throughout the day. And if you didn’t meditate, prayed, did yoga or any time of mindfulness practice, your connection with your life force may get blurry.

3. Tune in with your heart.

Courage is a heart word. Your heart knows everything about you when you allow it to speak.  Here is a quick way to do it.

4. Detach from the outcome.

Most people don’t take action because they are afraid of failure, rejection, being disliked and even fearful of success. Be okay with whatever way it turns out. It helps when you say it out loud. I use: “This is what I want, but whatever happens will be fine.”

5. Be okay with feeling a little fear.

Courage happens in the presence of fear. That little bit of concern (it cannot paralyze you) will be the catalyst to get large amounts of courage.

6. Use the EFT technique

EFT or Tapping can dismantle any emotional fear and build your courage. This powerful practice will help you break down any emotional connection you have with fear, and create new pathways to your courage to become second nature. 

Full Instructions available on Chapter 30 of the book Self-Trust

7. Use positive affirmations.

They work! You can write them on paper in the morning, post it in the bathroom or car dashboard, place it in your wallet, and even under your pillow. Read it daily a few times a day and see the results.

8. Talk to strangers on the street.

You can smile, say good morning or wish them a good day. This used to be the way we interacted with people. We used to ask for sugar, salt, etc., had conversations and even have coffee.  These days we don’t dare to engage with our neighbors and less with strangers.  This can be a good practice to build courage.

Remember, courage is a heart muscle. And you have a heart, right?

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