Self-Care Sunday – Five Ways to Nurture Your Body

Sunday is a time to rest.

Growing up in Brazil, Sunday was a beach day. I got up early, did my chores and headed to the beach with my friends. We wanted to get a spot on the sand not too close to the water but not too far to walk on the hot sand before 10am. I didn’t know then, but it was how I decompressed.

Taking time to rest does not mean to veggie in front of a TV or stay in bed all day. Actually, television can deplete your energy if you are a clicker or watch negative messages; and unless your body calls for recovery, staying in bed all day can backfire the body’s need for energy. Any movement will give you more energy than staying put.

Then what do I mean by making time to rest?

1) Disconnect from work.

women connecting with other women

Drop the work thoughts, the unnecessary urgency of checking emails, and the plans for Monday. If you are thinking about work, you are working. Your mind doesn’t know the difference.

2) Do a longer meditation.

If you do a five-minute, make it fifteen. Give your mind, body, and spirit the extra resource to recover and refuel.

3) Recconect with fun.

Self-Care Sunday - Five Ways to Nurture Your BodMy Sunday beach days were full of fun. Being on the water and in the sun replenished my spirit. Nowadays, the moment I arrive at the beach, my body relaxes immediately. I exhale deeply, drop the shoulder tension and feel relaxed the moment I set up camp. Think back “what did you used to do for fun?” then do that. Our younger self always knew how to have fun, and your cellular memory remembers.

4) Tune into your body.

Happy Free Woman at Sunset on the Beach
You can always tune into your body

Some Sundays I plan on getting a manicure or pedicure or visiting a friend. Then, when I tune into my body, it wants to go for a drive, take a walk in the woods or stay on my porch and read a spiritual book. A few times I had to cancel a commitment or make them very short to attend to my needs. Learn how to tune into your body here.

5) Release the Sunday blues.

nurturing your body on Sundays

Mondays don’t have to be worse days of the week. They are not. If you hate Mondays, you need to change your job or your mindset. It’s essential that you don’t funk your Sundays because you need to work Monday. If you tuned into your body, whatever activity you choose to do will replenish the experiences, energy, and emotions your body is craving.

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