How to Tune into Your Heart

In my latest book “Self-Trust” I shared a technique to help you improve your level of self-trust by tuning into your heart.  I received a few questions and here is more information on how to tune into your heart.  I will add it to the second book edition.

The heart is a biological, mindful and spiritual organ.  It works without you telling it to beat.  It pumps blood to the entire body like it has a mind of its own, and it does.  It has intelligence that it is older than time. The heart holds memory from your beginnings and even from previous lives.  That’s why you meet someone and feel that you have known this person forever.  The heart also has the ability to feel emotional events happening outside the body evoked by thought alone. You feel the presence of a loved one even though he or she is miles away.


Science has shown that the heart is able to synchronize heartbeats with other hearts, influence compassion and heal traumas.  People have reported the ability to feel other people’s emotions, such as pain, fear, and sorrow.

Why do we need to tune into our hearts?

People need to tune into their hearts because it feels good.  It also helps us connect with our spirit and hear our inner callings.  When you do, you will find comfort, guidance, peace, love, compassion and many feel-good emotions that make your body sings.

happy girlChildren are usually in tune with their hearts.  They laugh and cry based on what they feel.  As they grow older, well-intended adults begin to teach them to be logical.  They don’t know it, but that’s when they start to invalidate their hearts.  They feel anger and adults tell them that they should feel that emotion.  They laugh and are told to tone it down.  In time, they begin to use their brain instead of their heart, but the heart is able to hear, speak, think, feel and connect with their inner truth better than anyone or anything.

When you tune into your heart, you are able to hear the pure wisdom that once you were an expert on it.  The more you tune into your heart, the more you will remember and trust that voice that knows about everything that matters to you (even more than Google.)

Once you begin a regular practice of tuning into your heart, it will become faster and easier.  You will be able to connect with your inner guidance at a moment’s notice and hear its wisdom about everything without second-guessing yourself.  You will improve the overall quality of your life and live the way you intended.

How to Tune into Your Heart and Build Self-Trust

Find a quiet place where you can have fifteen or twenty minutes undisturbed.  Take a few slow and deep breaths.  Close your eyes, tune into your heart by placing your attention in the heart area. Feel the heartbeat.  Stay there until you can.  Some people will need more time.  If you have trouble feeling your heart, place your dominant hand on the heart area to sense your heartbeat and connect with that energy.

Silently ask yourself the three questions:

Do I trust myself?
Show me a time when I trusted myself.
Show me a time when I didn’t trust myself.

Open your eyes and answer the next three questions:

Do I believe in the answers I got?
How did I feel when I trusted myself?
How did I feel when I didn’t trust myself?

Many people just don’t trust themselves in all areas of their life. Some trust themselves in their career area, but not in the relationship.  Others trust themselves with people, but not with money. Think of your life. If you could select three areas of your life to improve in some aspect, what areas would it be? Most people would pick money, career, and relationship. Whatever area of your life you think needs improvement are the areas where you need to carve the “trust” out.  Yes, trust is already there, you just need to get it out.

Be courageous and practice tuning to your heart.  Start today before going to bed or when you first wake up in the morning.  The wisdom of your heart is the best friend you could have.



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  1. This showed me so many answers I’ve been looking for. I had just been saying the same thing about the heart of a child and their innocent outlook on life. Our inner child can connect us to our soul and holy spirit in an instant, because there is no fear out doubt blocking it.

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