Mother-Daughter Wisdom

This is a text I received from daughter Erica:

Today, I have to deep clean the house, do a week’s worth of dishes, scrub our bathtub, go shopping for toiletries, complete 40 hours of Grant work by tomorrow, stop the kitten from ripping up the couches and eating my computer chord, and somehow find time to eat in between…HOW did you survive being a single mama all these years? I’ll always be so impressed by how kick ass you are. Independent powerful woman.

women working

My answer:

I meditated.  When you meditate you are aligned with time.

My inner voice:

She learned from me that she needs to accomplish too much.  Did she read my book yet? How can I help her? Does she know she can delegate some of that to her boyfriend? Let it go.  She will find her path. 

6 ways women - meditate

The Wisdom in our lives:

Everyone always finds their paths. The best lessons in life don’t come gift wrapped. 

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