The 9 Superpowers of Women

Fall starts on Sunday, September 23, 2018, and ends Friday, December 21st. Fall is a romantic time for me.  It’s the time between the warmest and the coldest time of the year.  It’s sweater season which makes us feel cozy and protected.

For ages, Fall was the time when farmers would harvest the crops and prepare for the following season, and it is still.  There is a sense of safety, responsibility, and gratitude in the air.  The crispy breezes caress the trees, the leaves begin to turn and race against each other on the wings of the wind, and we are compelled to take long breathes just to tap into the nature of this beautiful season.

fall 2The Autumn is also a time for harvesting the feminine wisdom. They are nine inner powers existing inside of all women have that begs to be remembered, collected and used. The Fall wakens and renews the feminine power that will be most needed in the winter time. That’s when the natural energy of the sun is condensed, mother nature is dormant, and water solidifies; women, with their superpowers, provide energy support to herself and others.   It’s our way to help humanity.

Like any talent you once have, the nine feminine powers of women, when not used, goes dormant.  The fall calls the women to waken these powers and use them for good.  Not all powers are dormant at once, nor they are vibrating high all the time.  Some life paths drive some women to have a high strength of one power more than another.  The important message I would like to share is that we all have these powers, and we are called to have some level of activity in all nine of them.  These nine feminine powers do not extinguish and can be awakened with some work.

The Nine power are:

Chakras Woman Rainbow Background

  1. Nurturing
  2. Creativity
  3. Confidence
  4. Compassion
  5. Authenticity
  6. Intuition
  7. Beauty
  8. Generosity
  9. Healing

Here is the first of the nine powers.  In the next few blogs, I will release information on each of the powers, how to build and harvest them.  If the topic interested you, please tune in the next weeks to learn about them, or you can subscribe to the blog to be reminded when the next power is published.

Power # One: Nurturing

The first power is the power of nurturing.  In the feminine wisdom, this is the ability to mother oneself and others.  This power allows women to feel safe, secure and protected.  When this power is not used or weakened, women feel that they must depend on others to take care of them, over care for everyone and forget herself.

mothers-yogaThe nurturing power of women is strengthened in motherhood, but you don’t have to be a mother to exercise this power. Caring for pets, fostering children, supporting elderly parents and having big projects such as writing a book or dedicating time to a cause strengthens your power. Also, women who have a strong nurturing power practice a right amount of self-care.  They take breaks and vacations,  can say no to others and set boundaries with her family, friends, work, and strangers.

The nurturing power is reduced when women give out their ability to stand on her feet.  Leaning on others for a period of time is okay.  But the power is considerably diminished or dormant when women don’t exercise their opinion and relinquish their rights to make decisions in their family, home, career, money, and relationships to others.mother-daughter 2

Staying home mothers have strong nurturing power when they made the decision to be the childcare provider themselves; they are involved in the money decisions for the family and don’t long the time to go back to work.  There is an alignment in the nurturing power.  It’s never one way or the other.

Working mothers who long to be home with their children but feel they are unable to because of the resources they contribute to their families has an imbalance in the Nurturing Power.  But it is not because they are away from their children more often then they desired, it is because the beliefs they carry.  Working mothers exercise their nurturing power as much as a stay home mom.  It is not the amount of the time you provide care, but the capacity of staying present with the children when you are with them.  To continue to exercise your nurturing power, be present in every moment of your life and be okay with providing nurturing through your work resources.Family having fun at home

You know if you can harvest this power by looking within and honestly answering these three questions:

–    Do I feel safe? Do I have food, shelter and enough resources to live?

–    Do I feel heard? Do my thoughts matter?

–    Do I have my back? Do I stand on my grounds?

Please be gentle and kind to yourself.  The power exists inside of you.  I invite you to explore it a bit further.  Hint: if these words strike a chord with you, there is something here that you need to hear, process and heal.


If you believe your nurturing power is weak, here is some advice for you: mother daughter meditation

If you answer “No” to any of these three questions, go outdoors, sit on the grass and do a grounding meditation for five minutes.  You can find it on  At the end of the meditation, ask the Divine Mother, Mother Mary or Mother earth, whatever divine power you believe in to show you what actions you need to do to build your nurturing power. Write the guidance you received on your journal and try not to second guess the information you received.  There is wisdom inside of you.

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