How to Nurture Yor Inner-Child

How to Nurture Your Inner-Child

Inside every woman, there is an inner child. This child is vulnerable; in some people more than others. However, having a vulnerable inner child is not a bad thing. This vulnerability calls forward an awareness for us to take action and meet our needs.

Why is important to connect with our inner child?

Our inner child will act up when our needs are not met. It may be through frequent cold or headaches, asthma, allergies, and unexplained raw emotions. This last one will usually surface around our menstrual cycle. Some people may call it PMS, but upon further examination, you will see that the same emotional issue will come up month after month around the same time. It will arise as a type of discontent for about a week and then forgotten until the following month when it will disturb core again.

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This discontent is the results of unmet needs. It will increase after the age of forty if we don’t give a voice and an outlet for expression and healing.
Having the inner child is an asset for every woman. It reminds us when our needs are not being met. It’s essential that we give her a voice and nurture her to the best of our abilities.

In adolescence, women were taught to let their childish ways behind. She needed to grow up, be strong, and take care of others. As a result, women learn to silence her the voice that advocates for fairness, love, fun and being cared for. We all have seen how children are outspoken, honest and advocate for their desires. That essence still exists in all of us.

What can we do?

Here is a simple exercise to hear your inner child and be guided on how to nurture our needs.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 15 to 20 minutes. Turn your phone off; the world will survive without you during this time – trust me. Get paper, preferably a journal so you can refer back to it at a later date, a colored pencil or crayon, and a black or blue pen.
The colored pencil or crayon represents your inner child. The pen represents your grown-up self.


Write these questions with the black or blue pen and answer each one with the colored pencils. Write and answer one question at a time. Let the pencil flow, don’t rationalize, and stay with the question until you receive the answers from your inner child.

1) Why are you upset, angry or hurt (whatever emotion you are feeling)?

2) How long have you been feeling that way?

3) What brought these feelings?

4) What can I do to help you?

5) Then feel free to write an apology, love or nurturing letter to your inner child and tell her everything you want or need to say.

Take your inner child’s advice.  She knows what you need.

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  1. Jodie Straight says:

    I really needed this !! I’m 44 yrs. Old and I too have noticed recently that the week before my cycle I feel not like myself as you said “DISCONNECTED ” I put it off as PmS! And also the beginning stages of perimenopause. Now I’m going to do the practice and give my inner child her voice!! Thanks for sharing!!

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