A Crash Course in Confidence – The Third Power of Women

Confidence is the third superpower every woman has. No exceptions.  From the nine powers of women, I believe the power of confidence is the most misunderstood power because many women don’t think they have it; those who know they do, are afraid of using it.

Confidence is not a trait nurtured in women. Many men see it as a barrier. A few women who will be determined to display it often have taken their clues from men and “behaving like a guy” usually comes back to bite them. That’s because we are missing more female role models of confidence. But this is about to change

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This power of confidence is born in the solar plexus by the age of three. When three-year-old girls are loved, encouraged, nurtured and free to express themselves, they tend to grow up with the awareness of “I can be, have and do anything I desire.” When the environment is disempowering to girls, women will hide their power of confidence in their underwear drawer, forget it that they have and never use it to their growth or the growth of humanity.

Before we dive into the power of confidence, I would ask that you set aside for a little while everything you believe about your confidence. I intend to disrupt any false beliefs you may have about having confidence.

Every woman has the power of confidence.Confidence is part preparation and part mindset. Most women spend all of their time preparing for the test, the job interview, the business meeting and they forget about their mindset. Don’t take me wrong; you need to prepare yourself with the knowledge you need and have the right mindset.

Confidence is not the same as self-trust. Everyone with self-trust has confidence. But not everyone with confidence has self-trust. Confidence is the life power that allows us to show up in our true colors to the world. Self-trust is the fuel behind the confidence that will support you in times of disappointments, discouragements, setbacks, and wins.

Confidence cannot be exercised unless there is something at stake. You can feel confident when you alone in the safety of the four walls of your bedroom, but there is nothing to gain or lose. Confidence to be true confidence will be called forward when you need to grow big.

In Part 2 of my book Self-Trust I list the eight mindsets women need to change to grow their self-trust and build their confidence levels to see your desires come true. Confidence is a muscle; if you don’t exercise it, it diminishes in power. It also has memory. In a short period of time, it can awaken their dormant strength.

Here is an audio class (only 11 minutes)

“The Five Levels of Confidence.”

5 levels of confidence Audio class by Ana Batreto

For now, remember these three things:

1) Confidence is the third superpower every woman has. No Exceptions.

2) You can build confidence by increasing your level of self-trust by changing your mindset. It needs to happen before your stake is too high.

3) Just having a little bit of confidence awareness will bring out amazing results in your life.

Enjoy the journey.

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