The Second Feminine Power: Creativity

Every woman has power. When we talk about power, most people immediately associate the word “power” with the intense yang energy we find in most boardrooms, CEO offices, the stock market, business environments, and other forms of strength. The powers I am referring to are very welcoming, they are the nine powers women have that flows from the feminine wisdom.

In my last blog, I shared the Nine Powers of Women. I reminded women that the Fall is the perfect time for harvesting the feminine wisdom by going inwards and tapping into the nine powers. Each power can be readily embraced and gently awakened. I also introduced an overview of the first power, the Power of Nurturing. If you missed it, you can read it here.

What is the second Power?

Power # 2: Creativity


The second feminine power is the power of creativity. It is the power used to give birth to something new in the world. It’s the ability to be creative, creating or transforming. This power is connected to the second energy center of the body, the sacral chakra which is located just below the belly button. The power of creativity is a significant power center because it gives us the ability to create a life worth living.

Everyone has the power of creativity. When you hear people say that they are not creative, you can rest assure that they are not in tune with their creative power. I repeat, everyone has the power of creativity, no exceptions. The power may be dormant, drastically reduced or the person is disconnected from the true meaning of creativity.

How does this power translate in the world?

The power of creativity is responsible for innovation, advancement in all areas, new discoveries, evolution, expansion of consciousness and thought, abundance, and more. This power is not only for painters, sculptures, writers, or composers; it is an act of expression from which the uniqueness of each individual is called to share with the world.

creativity_mc2When a woman cooks a quick meal with a few leftovers, redecorate the bedroom, or plant flowers in the garden, she is using her power of creativity. When a scientist discovers a new vaccine or a businesswoman start a new company, they are also using the power of creativity. The power of creativity can be exercised in any intensity, time or space. It will depend on people’s personality, their level of soul connection and the desire for expression. These conditions will determine how viral the creative power is exercised in their life.

Creativity is a yin power. If this power is in overdrive, a multitude of ideas will flourish, but nothing is likely to get created; if initiated, may not be completed. If the power is dormant, people believe that creativity is not on their cards. Or they may not have given the attention it needs to be useful in our lives. Also, people who work in a job they very much dislike may be extinguishing the pilot flame the power of creativity fuels from: “The self.”

woman paint

When the power of creativity is balanced, women are able to have fun, laugh at herself, have ideas and see them to fruition. Their life may not be all roses, but they are satisfied with the experience they are creating and transforming.

What can we do?

oneEvery woman wants to have a good level of creative power in your self -awareness and body’s energy. It is part of life. An easy way to awake the power of creativity is by laughing. Laugh your belly away. I mean, laugh until your tummy hurts and you fall on the floor and say “stop!” You could rent a few Netflix comedies shows or watch small funny clips on YouTube and binge a little. Laughing will dust off the second energy center and give you the boost to create, be creative and transform aspects of your life to the ways you have been meaning to. Laughing lights the loads.Laugh-Out-Loud

twoAnother way to exercise your creative power is to do something artistic, even if your DNA screams “NOT artistically inclined.” Take a class on painting, drawing, sculpture, or writing poetry and refrain from judging anything. You are not training to be a Picasso or a Michelangelo, you are just expressing glimpse of your creative power. This energy will infuse your life with fun.potery

threeBring out your Martha Stewart’s hat and redecorate a room in your house. You can browse magazines for ideas and inspirations to pump your creativity. You are not copying it, you are modeling it. If you choose to redecorate your bedroom, you will double your creative energy. That’s because every energy intension setting done in the bedroom will strongly impact the people that sleep in it.painting

If you are feeling depleted, these three simple exercises will replenish your energy. Remember, you cannot create anything from empty. The world is waiting for your contributions. Make the decision today that no matter where you are, you will awaken your creative power and transform your life into the one you always intended.

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