Why is 4/19/19 a Special Day to Manifest?

In 1996 I stumbled on an energy wave that changed the way I do things one day of the year since then. And today I would like to share it with you.

One warning, this is not typical advice. It will require you to get out of the box, expend your faith in your power and dispose of your skepticism.

Back then I worked as a sales assistant. I was waiting for a manager position to open for more than eight months.
It was a Friday before Easter. I was the only assistant in the office, and there was not much happening. Most people were in spring break, and the quietness of the office open my awareness for frustration and imagination.

That day I remembered hearing that wishes made on Good Friday would come true (I don’t remember who told me). So I dared to wish that day.

I know, it sounds like superstition, but I grew up with them. One of the benefits of growing up Brazilian is that you have access to the Native Indian and old wisdom daily for breakfast.

I printed my resume, created a unique fax cover, faxed them to three businesses nearby and wished for the promotion.

Yes, you guessed it, I got a management job. The best part of it is that it came with a better title, more money than I would have made if I stayed put and waited for my company to promote me, and a close commute to my home of 16 minutes. If I tried, I could put it all together myself.

Fast forward ten years and that job became the best job I ever had. I got two promotions, made strong friendships that are in place until today, received priceless mentoring from 3 amazing women and build my career. The Universe surprised me beyond my expectations.

Why Good Friday is a special Day?

As I began to study metaphysics, the whole concept of one day of the year is more powerful than others started to make sense beyond the knowledge of the old wisdom.

On Good Friday the world takes notice of the story of Jesus Christ. Regardless of your religious belief about Christianism, the world energy gets lighter because people stop that day to pray, be grateful, kind and be open to a closer relationship with God rather than checking a box about your religious beliefs.

The pure intent of people who abstain from eating meat, slow down and stay in prayer and kindness make the atmosphere of the planet more open, regardless of our beliefs about what they do. Good Friday is a day where the faith that is usually forgotten gets renewed even if it is the only day they remember.

Every blessing I asked on Good Friday has come true for me. And usually, it manifested beyond my expectations.

This Friday is a great day to ask for blessings such as a job, a cure for a disease, a reconciliation with a loved one, a happy relationship, finance improvement, a new home, a new beginning or any grace.

What to do?

When you wake up in the morning, before you get up, know your intention. Start with a morning practice and then ask.
If you don’t have a morning practice, here is one that can be done in 2 minutes. You want to tune into that energy field.

Then go about your day and release the expectations. You asked for the blessing and now be willing to be surprised by the universe.

Remember, the energy of the planet is higher, lighter, purer and it will get speed when you connect with your faith and a pure intention. Do not wish harm to anyone because you are the receiver.

If this message resonated with you, pass it on.

Many blessings and happy manifesting!

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  1. emily rose says:

    Wow, I love this concept. It’s new to me, but it makes sense once you explain the reason behind it.
    Hehe, I wish I had read about it prior to Good Friday so I could have tried it out this year.

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