The Candlelight Meditation

From the ”Powerful and Short Meditations” Series

One simple and short meditation that can be done for 10 to 15 minutes is a Candlelight (or Flame) Meditation.

This meditation is best done during the day if you tend to fall asleep during a meditation practice. When using candles, be responsible and safe. Read the National Candle Association Advice below before practicing this meditation.

Start by sitting comfortably, then place a lighted candle in front of you. Look at the warm and gentle flame of the candlelight. Breathe in and out slowly. Find a breathing pattern that is comfortable for you and keep your focus on the candlelight. When your mind wanders, return your attention to the candlelight and see the beautiful flame melt the thoughts that don’t serve you.

You can set the intention for this meditation to bring clarity, energize the energy centers of the body, or to dismantle any emotional pattern that is ready to be released with the power of the light.

Release any specific outcome. Be present with light. Allow the power of your general intention combined with the power of the flame to orchestrate a deeper and spiritual connection with Source, Universe, God, Higher Self, or whatever power you believe is greater than us.

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Advice to safely use candles:

1. Never leave a burning candle out of sight.

2. Trim the candle’s wick to ¼ of an inch every time before lighting it.

3. Throw the candle out when only 2 inches of wax remain, or a ½ inch when in a container.

4. Don’t burn candles near anything that could potentially catch fire like curtains, bedding, flammable decorations, etc.

5. Keep candles out of reach of animals and children.

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